A complete driving companion: 70mai 360 Dash Cam Omni – Review

Dashcams are increasingly becoming one of the most essential automotive “accessories”, in fact, some brands are already selling cars with dashcams already installed fresh from the factory. 70mai is one of the companies that manufacture dash cams both for automotive manufacturers and for aftermarket purposes.

Given that I just bought my first car recently, I felt that additional “protection” was needed especially since I share the car with my wife. Lucky for me 70mai offered up its newest and best dash cam, the 360 Omni.

70mai Dash Cam Onmi Review

As mentioned the unit I got has 360-degree capabilities, in fact, the brand claims that this is the first in the market. Due to its capabilities, the shape of the actual camera is reminiscent of a big medicinal capsule, an elongated oblong-shaped unit that in all honesty looks decent and modern as compared to the usual rectangular shapes in the dash cam market.

First things first though is the installation process, which the brand claims takes a matter of minutes, which I tested out. You can watch the video here:

Considering that I’m not necessarily the most practical and laborious man I was happy that the brand did consider making the installation easy, I was able to figure it out in around 10-15 minutes without much fuss. All the labels and all the instructions are straightforward and easy to understand which is a massive plus.

Upon powering up the dash cam itself, the cute animated start-up sound accompanied by the smiley face adds a pleasant experience. What I did wish was easier though was pairing your device to the camera itself. I appreciate that there’s a mobile app provided by 70mai which allows you to remotely control and download footage from the dash cam without the need for a physical SD card. However, the whole process of getting the device to pair with your phone takes a few tedious minutes.

Although once connected the app becomes seamless and all the relevant information and settings can be found and adjusted with the convenience of the app.

70mai Dash Cam Review Inline

Now let’s talk about the features and capabilities, since this is a top-of-the-line unit the dash cam Omni is equipped with a plethora of them. One of the best for me has to be the voice control, which makes it easy to command the device while driving. I can easily ask it to record and it even has a vlog function that twists the camera to your face for a short period of time.

70mai Dash Cam Review Inline 2

Apart from that it incorporates useful features like ADAS capabilities, impact detection, and AI motion detection. It also has a neat App-Livestream capability that allows you to check where the car is and what the camera is seeing right in front of it.

70mai Dash Cam Review Inline 3

Another thing I have to commend about the dashcam Omni is its night vision resolution, we’re so used to seeing grainy and barely visible night footage, and I’m happy to report that this dashcam does not disappoint. Even in low-light situations like the photo above, I can visibly see everything including the plate numbers of the vehicles in front of me.

Verdict and Price

Overall I would say that the added peace of mind the 70mai Dashcam Omni gives me cannot be measured in any price range. The fact that I know if anything goes wrong I can count on the dashcam footage, especially with the growing number of vehicles on the road nowadays. However, this very capable piece of technology comes at a premium price of PHP 10,499 for the 32GB, 11,299 for the 64GB, and 11,999 for the 128GB.

If you’re interested in getting yourself one of these dashcams you can head over to the brand’s stores at Lazada 50, Shopee 63, or Tiktok.


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