Ford has suspended operations in Russia

Ever since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, numerous countries and big corporations have been forced to either place sanctions, withdraw or suspend operations in Russia.

In the automotive industry, brands such as Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Jaguar-Land Rover, and more have already said they will seize operations in Russia for the time being. Now though, another big player has followed suit, namely Ford.

The news broke through a tweet by Ford CEO Jim Farley. He cited concern about the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and offered an act of support for the Ukrainian people. The tweet goes on further to say that, the Ford Fund will donate $100,000 to the Global Giving Ukraine Relief Fund.

The donation is in an effort to provide humanitarian assistance and aid to all displaced Ukrainian nationals and their families. Here is the full tweet and press release:

Ford Tweet

Jim Farely Tweet and Ford Statement

Ford does acknowledge though that while they don’t have a big presence in Ukraine, they have a significant number of Ukrainians who work for Ford around the world.

This is just the latest in a long line of big corporations who are choosing to stand with the Ukrainian nationals, expect more to follow suit as the situation in Ukraine continues.

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