Mercedes-Benz has a self-driving truck for 2025


We’ve seen some concepts of self-driving cars from different manufacturers and a peek of what automobile driving could be in the near future. German automobile manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz, brings this auto-piloting feature to its trucks.

FutureTruck2025 1 • Mercedes-Benz has a self-driving truck for 2025

The Future Truck 2025 is designed to give truck drivers the freedom to be able to do other tasks while cruising the highway and also reduce the risk of accidents. Watch the video after the break.

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With the use of advanced dual cameras, radar sensors, and blind-spot technology called “Highway Pilot”, this truck concept will ease the burden of sleep-deprived drivers. The “Highway Pilot” system will take the wheel as soon as the driver is able to enter the major thoroughfare.

FutureTruck2025 2 • Mercedes-Benz has a self-driving truck for 2025

The interior of Future Truck 2025 boasts premium design, like a luxurious cockpit on the go, while the exterior has striking front LED grid. It is surely a beautiful concept but as the name implies, it is still a prototype and we have to wait for a decade or so before we see this truck on the road.

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Will the Future Truck 2025 hit the Philippine highways? We sure hope so. Year 2025 is still long wait, and the country’s future is bright.

Source: Wired

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