SMC identifies RFIDs with inadequate load a direct cause of tollway traffic

Having RFID tags installed on our vehicles is one thing. Making sure that they have sufficient load before entering tollways is another; and San Miguel Corporation (SMC) has urged motorists to make sure that their tags have enough load. This comes after SMC identified that vehicles with insufficient or zero balances are a major cause of traffic at toll gates of Skyway and NAIAX.

Please make sure your RFIDs have load, people

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According to SMC, RFID tags with insufficient load or worse, with zero balance, totaled 31,712 instances from May 1-7 alone. That contributed to 15% of the total vehicles coming into tollways. That said, the importance of keeping accounts properly funded is deemed “crucial for smooth operations at toll plazas”.

The adoption rate of electronic toll collection is up at an impressive 97%; however, having to make cash payments at the toll gates drastically slows processing and movements out of toll plazas.

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“While we continue to encourage our users to ensure they have sufficient balance or register their vehicles to Autosweep, many still do not fully utilize the system. Unfortunately, this has a significant impact on other motorists, especially when combined with other factors such as the limited carrying capacity of expressways and higher vehicle volumes during peak hours,” SMC’s statement read.

SMC continues to advocate for stronger enforcement of rules governing RFID owners with insufficient balances to try to eliminate habitual non-compliance from repeat offenders. These cannot be practiced to a full extent, though, given the Toll Regulatory Board’s (TRB) standing order to defer penalties for motorists with insufficient funds or those who have not transitioned to the electronic toll collection system and continue to pay in cash.

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All these notwithstanding, motorists are advised to regularly inspect their RFID stickers and utilize the free replacement service available at any Autosweep RFID office or major toll plazas to ensure optimal functionality. SMC also advises against tailgating and recommends maintaining a safe distance between vehicles to avoid RFID malfunctions and ensure smooth toll transactions.

SMC also plans to widen roads and add more toll gates to accommodate an influx of more vehicles and enhance overall traffic management. It is likewise conducting a dry run for an automatic license plate recognition system to operate alongside the existing Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system. This integration aims to streamline toll processing and further reduce congestion.

So there we have it, folks. Simply put, please make sure your RFID tags are loaded before hitting the tollways. Let’s all just be part of the solution while SMC looks for more ways to make expressway travels easier, quicker, and more convenient for us.

Mikko Juangco
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