Lexus Reveals NX PHEV OFFROAD and ROV Concept

Lexus recently unveils the NX PHEV OFFROAD Concept and the ROV Concept at the ongoing Tokyo Auto Salon 2022.

Lexus NX PHEV Offroad Concept

The NX PHEV OFFROAD Concept is based on Lexus’ first PHEV model that came out last November 2021, the NX 450h+. The BEV and PHEV modes offer a refined driving performance by reducing the impact on the environment through reduced carbon emissions. The NX concept, on the other hand, offers reliable performance on low-friction roads. With a custom bronze and matte black finish, the NX PHEV Offroad Concept features an elevated platform and off-road running all-terrain diameter tires.

NX PHEV Offroad

The Lexus ROV Concept is a luxury ATV meant for recreational driving. The ROV in the name stands for Recreational Off-highway Vehicle, with the concept focused on offering a more enjoyable automotive lifestyle. As a result of the compact body, the ROV Concept is able to reach areas where larger off-road vehicles cannot go. This gives the Lexus ROV Concept also has an eco-friendly quality thanks to its hydrogen engine as its core.


Source: Toyota


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