Nissan showcases BladeGlider prototype at TMS 2013


Other than the Kawasaki J Three-Wheeler EV, Nissan’s prototype called the BladeGlider is also proving to be a sight to behold in this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

nissan bladeglider

This DeltaWing-inspired sports car is very narrow (1-meter to be exact) on the front and has a wide rear end. But don’t let its awkward design fool you, ‘cause Nissan claims that the two front wheels allow drivers to corner even at speeds of 190kph.

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Swinging its pair of Butterfly doors open will reveal a three-seater layout ala McLaren F1 and a cockpit that comprises of a futuristic dashboard complete with an equally awesome steering wheel. It almost seem like you’re driving an alien spaceship instead of an electric-powered car.


According to Nissan, the BladeGlider in display is still an early prototype and the company hasn’t provided details as to when they plan to release it in the market.


Ronnie Bulaong
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