Join the Toyota Seatbelt Art Contest!

We just joined a regional contest by Toyota to design a custom seat belt for cars. This is to promote safety in driving especially in high road accident countries like the Philippines.

So we did the simplest thing we could do – we joined the contest and submitted our entry.

seatbeltcontest • Join the Toyota Seatbelt Art Contest!

Our design is pretty simple, we used basic shapes and the colors in our logo. We’re hoping it will be unique enough they’d also pick up and produce them. (If that happens, we surely raffle out some of the custom seat belts to our readers!)

Vote for us! Here’s the link.

seatbelt yugatech • Join the Toyota Seatbelt Art Contest!

We also invite our readers to join and submit their design in the seat belt contest. You can use our logo as inspiration if you want. Simply use the template provided by Toyota and incorporate your own design.

You are to include their mascot, THUMS in your artwork – you can’t change the colors of THUMS nor modify it’s shape. You must include it in your design in it’s original look.

Here’s THUMS:


You can find a variety of images of THUMS on their website.

To submit your entry, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Then, choose the participating country you’re in (Philippines, Indonesia,Vietnam, Malaysia or Thailand).
  3. Once you’ve chosen your participating country, submit your entry in the OPEN CATEGORY.
  4. For registration: Sign in with your Facebook account to register for the contest.
  5. Upload your seatbelt pad design in JPG format (no bigger than 2MB in file size).
  6. Gallery: All valid entries will be displayed in the contest gallery. Promote your design and ask people to vote for you!

The contest will run from June 30 to August 31, 2014.

There will be three (3) grand winners from each country – one (1) from the Professional category, and two (2) from the Open category. The winners will receive an iPad Air 16GB WiFi and 10 seatbelt pads of their winning design.

You can check out more details about the Seat Belt Art Contest here.

  1. …fine for a first-time violation is P250,
    P500 for the second violation and P1,000 for succeeding violations plus a
    week-long suspension of the driver’s license.

    kaya naman pala palaging nalilimutan eh,
    gawing mo kayang to-payb sa 1st offense o 2-paybK

    • nagbago na ang fines sa traffic violations ngayon,mas mataas na.(When i say,”Mataas”,i really mean mataas) #justsaying

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