Toyota goes Psy with Waku Doki viral video

You have to give it to the Japanese to come up with crazy video commercials like the Waku Doki. Toyota is banking on the new campaign to signify that Waku Dokie feeling (which means an exciting adrenaline rush) when driving their cars.


The video ad shows Japanese men in crisp suits driving a Toyota Hilux into the jungle. They go out of the vehicle and gets scared by a gorilla only to jump into action and dance the wacky “waku doki” moves.

To get a better picture of what we’re talking about, here’s a copy of that video.

You have to agree that the dance video has a certain ring to it (perhaps akin to the Psy-style dance moves) that can easily become viral.

Thus, Toyota is adding a bit of a twist to this campaign and asking people to submit their own dance moves inspired by Waku Doki.

Watch the video and practice your own moves, then go to their website or download the Waku Doki app (just search for it in the iTunes App Store). Start recording your dance moves with the song in the background and upload it.

Winners will be sent to Tokyo, Japan for an all-expense paid vacation (there will be 16 round 1 winners with Urbeats Beats by Dr.Dre each and a grand winner wins a trip to Tokyo for 5 days for two).

You can go to the Waku Doki website here to submit your entries.


  1. Super Mario in a car commercial? Japan have awesome and bizarre ways on how they advertise their commercials. (If “Drive” has his way, we would see a Mazda commercial a few months from now…)

  2. The performers (in suits) are actually a pretty well-known group from Japan, World Order. The dance moves seem to be akin to their classic style, but with a more modern twist to it.

    Here’s one of their other performances for comparison:

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