Provincial buses not allowed on EDSA too

Joining in the UV Express vans on the list of unwelcomed vehicles in EDSA are the provincial buses, according to a new memorandum issued by the Metro Manila Council (MMC).

buses • Provincial buses not allowed on EDSA too

Photo: MB Online

The resolution would not only remove the buses, but also the terminals located in one of Metro Manila’s busiest roads. Around 85 provincial bus companies are situated in Metro Manila, which has offices and terminals in Cubao and Balintawak in Quezon City and Taft Avenue in Manila, based on Metropolitan Manila Development Authority’s records.

This move is seen as a measure to lessen the traffic in EDSA, with 3,300 provincial buses and 12,000 city buses using the main thoroughfare on a daily basis according to the MMDA. Chairman Emerson Carlos mentioned that the vote to enact the new rule was “unanimous” among members of the council. It is also seen to be in line with Duterte’s directive during his recently-concluded State of the Nation Address to have all bus terminals on EDSA “to eventually be removed and referred to strategic areas outside of the metropolis with the end of decongesting said major thoroughfare.”

As for the time the terminals will be removed, it will be upon the jurisdiction of the cities themselves. “They have approved the removal of the bus terminals in EDSA. It is now up to them (mayors) to prepare for the eventual removal,” said Carlos. The bus terminal owners, nonetheless, have been contacted and are already being asked to prepare for their expected eviction.

The Metro Manila Council is the policy-making body of the MMDA consisting of mayors of the Metro Manila cities.

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  1. yung City bus ang dapat i regulate eh, sila yung pasaway sa EDSA, bus A nagbababa sa Bus Stop ng B
    pag tumigil sa Bus Stop gusto punung puno bago umalis

    Provincial Bus are more disciplined kasi meron silang terminal at the same time sa mga bus stops lang talaga sila nag sasakay or nagbababa.

  2. Lalong bibigat ang traffic ngayon sa C5 dahil ito ang kadalasang alternative route ng mga bus at UV express na hindi na papayagang mag edsa. Kawawa naman ang mga dadaan dito. Kung ngayon ay sobrang bigat na ay lalo pang madadagdagan ang kalbaryo ng mga dadaan dito araw-araw.

  3. This is very good news. Lets wait for the result first before spewing low iq nonsense.

  4. Coming from the province, use the provincial bus. When inside Metro Manila, use the metro buses. Para mapuno naman ang mga ito. Instead na panay ang hintay para mapuno sa mga bus stops. Instead of queuing for longer times thus causing traffic pile-ups.

  5. It saddens me to read comments where people express themselves like they are god… like theirs is the only correct opinion.

  6. Not being single sided. pero it is true the government should fix the public transport system first. since the LRT/MRT are both project’s from Marcos’ time and the job of the current presidents are just to complete the task, they could at least ammend it or improve it, and not just implement it and put their name on it kahit hindi naman kanila yung projects to begin with. Once they fix the transport system, less people would need to bring their cars especially if the public transport system becomes more convenient or if the fine for committing a violation is high enough for people to at least fix their driving habits.

    • “since the LRT/MRT are both project’s from Marcos’ time ”

      Just to correct you.. It’s only the LRT 1, where Imelda Marcos got millions of dollars of Kickbacks. The MRT was a project under the Ramos Administration.

      Anyways, I agree with you. The transport system in MM is broken and needs to be fixed first, BEFORE they implement this lopsided decision.

      At the end of the day, it’s the riding public that will suffer – even more.

  7. THIS IS UNFAIR! bakit papahirapan ang mga commuters pero yung mga private vehicles na driver lang ang pasahero, di man lang magalaw…ayusin muna ang rail transportation bago tirahin ang mga provincial buses….ipagbawal ang mga private vehicles na driver o isang pasahero lang ang sakay….sa mga utak lamok sa mmda, gamitin nyo naman ang sentido common nyo!

    • Obviously, you don’t understand the “wave theory” of traffic. Do your research and stop complaining.

    • Not replying “just to oppose” since I am one who uses my car alone in going to work.

      I think a lot of car owners share my sentiments in deciding to just use the car in going to work:
      – mas mabilis makakarating since hindi pumipila sa stops (which for buses is basically everywhere in EDSA)
      – minsan mas mura pa ang total gastos (dahil may mga time na sobrang siksikan sa buses kaya mapapa-taxi ka na lang) > meron po parking sa office namin, not boasting, just saying
      – overall, mas safe from robbers, ipit gang, snatchers, and yes, even driver-caused accidents

      yan 3 ang major para sa akin and I think lahat yan will be solved by eliminating at least half of the buses in EDSA > kasi i for one will surely convert to PUV riding public – along with a lot more (i strongly believe)

      more power yuga!

    • pribilehiyo po ang pagmamaneho ng sariling kotse, hindi karapatan.

    • sana isipin mo din na mga bus dn ang nagcacause ng traffic due to swerving here and there and no proper stop and pickup of passengers nila. iniisip nila na malaki sila so lahat iiwas sa kanila if they have a good driving knowledge and would not cause a traffic why not dba. kaso problema wala sila pakialam sa kasabayan nila, pag nakabangga sila wala sila pakialam.

    • intayin mo muna resulta bago mo husgahan. at sa mga private vehicles na driver lang ang sakay, karapatan din nila un, nagbabayad din sila ng buwis.

    • I agree! Dapat merong road tax yung mga nagdadala ng private vehicles specially kung mag-isa lang sila pero tama din na dapat maayos din muna nila ang public transportation para ma-encourage yung mga driver na yun na mag-commute na lang. Finally, dapat willing din tayo na magkaroon ng kaunting increase para makapag-issue ng maayos na PUVs, di yung mga bulok na at iniipis/dinadaga!

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