Lucid introduces the Gravity electric SUV

Lucid Group, Inc., renowned for its groundbreaking luxury electric vehicles, including the acclaimed Lucid Air, winner of the prestigious 2023 World Luxury Car Award, is again pushing the boundaries of excellence by introducing the Lucid Gravity luxury electric SUV. The Gravity SUV, making its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show, is an evolution of Lucid’s pioneering technology and design, building upon the success of the Lucid Air sedan. This SUV, projected to have a driving range upwards of 700 km, combines high performance with spaciousness, accommodating up to seven adults and their belongings. Production is slated to commence in late 2024.


Lucid’s CEO and CTO, Peter Rawlinson, expressed the significance of the Gravity SUV, highlighting its unprecedented combination of space, maneuverability, luxury, and versatility. He emphasized Lucid’s commitment to innovation, utilizing proprietary EV powertrain technology that has already redefined expectations in the luxury sports sedan market with the Lucid Air. Rawlinson pointed out that the Gravity SUV achieves over 700 km of range with a battery pack only half the size of competitors, showcasing the efficiency of Lucid’s advancements.


Derek Jenkins, Senior Vice President of Design and Brand at Lucid, emphasized the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of design. The Gravity SUV’s exterior reflects aesthetics and utility, boasting an aerodynamic profile with a target drag coefficient of less than 0.24, surpassing other three-row SUVs. The vehicle’s design prioritizes efficiency, combining a commanding presence with practical features such as a substantial frunk, sleek profile, elongated cabin, pronounced shoulders, and a sporty tail spoiler.


Inside the Gravity SUV, Lucid prioritizes spaciousness, flexibility, and versatility. The cabin offers ample seating, with second and third-row seats that fold flat, providing over 3171 liters of cargo space. The second-row seats can slide, and integrated convenience tables enhance the back-seat experience. Lucid’s user interface, the Clearview Cockpit, is a highlight, featuring a 34-inch curved OLED display and introducing the next generation of software with over-the-air updates.


The Gravity SUV’s performance is exceptional, featuring a new platform designed for sportiness, Lucid’s ultra-compact powertrain technology, and a 900V electrical architecture. The SUV accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in under 3.5 seconds, with a substantial payload capacity of over 680 kg and a towing capacity of 2700 kg. Lucid introduces Zero Gravity, an optional air suspension package that adapts to various terrains for a smooth and comfortable ride. The vehicle’s efficiency is underscored by its smaller, lighter, and more sustainable battery pack, offering over 700 km of range and one of the fastest EV charging systems globally.


Lucid emphasizes sustainability not only in the vehicle’s performance but also in its production. The Gravity SUV incorporates sustainable materials, a smaller and lighter battery pack, and features designed for the well-being of its occupants. Lucid Sanctuary and Lucid Spaces introduce interactive well-being features, providing tranquility and mindfulness experiences within the vehicle.


While production is set to begin in late 2024, the Lucid Gravity SUV will initially be available exclusively in the United States. Lucid’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and a seamless blend of luxury and performance positions the Gravity SUV as a transformative player in the luxury electric SUV market.

Carlos Miguel Divino

Carlos Miguel Divino

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