LTFRB to implement fare hike for jeepneys, buses and TNVS, effective October 4, 2022

One of the most affected sectors by the oil price increases is transportation. Our country’s PUVs have been struggling to keep up with the price increases due to the current fare structure each PUV has in place.

A respite is on the way, as the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has just approved a fare hike for the different PUVs, the said increases will take place starting October 4, 2022.

LTFRB PUV fare hike prices

Here are the following new prices:

Traditional Jeepneys

  • Base fare: P12
  • Per kilometer: P1.80

Modern Jeepneys

  • Base fare: P14
  • Per kilometer: P2.20

Non-Aircon City Bus

  • Base fare: P13
  • Per kilometer: P2.25

Airconditioned City Bus

  • Base fare: P15
  • Per kilometer: P2.65

Ordinary Provincial Bus

  • Base fare: P11
  • Per kilometer: P1.90

Provincial Bus Deluxe

  • Per kilometer: P2.10

Provincial Bus S Deluxe

  • Per kilometer: P2.35

Provincial Bus Luxury

  • Per kilometer: P2.90


  • Flag down rate: P45
  • Per kilometer: Stays at P2

TNVS/Ride-hailing services

  • Sedan: P45 from P40
  • AUV/SUV: P55 from P50
  • Hatchback/SUV: P35 from P30
  • No increase for succeeding kilometers

The LTFRB said that they “recognized the need for a fare increase following the continuing rise of oil prices, and consulted the National Economic Development Authority and the Department of Energy on the matter.”

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Pablo Salapantan

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