Omoda 5 EV is already showing a lot of promise and great potential

The Omoda 5 EV and ICE are already being billed as (one of) the brand’s safest cars on their way to the PH. As bold a claim as that is, Omoda has a lot more going for the “5” than just safety. In a rather intimate preview, the brand has just shown off what the upcoming Omoda 5 EV variant has to offer, and it’s looking pretty impressive.

Omoda 5 EV – info on features, safety, charging, power, and warranty

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The Omoda 5 EV (or C5 in its home market) has two variants, one powered by an internal combustion engine and the other a fully-electric vehicle. We’ll be looking at the latter in this article.

Setting its sights on the younger market, the 5 EV comes choc-full of tech and, as we mentioned, safety features.

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Amenities include 6-way and 4-way driver and passenger seat power adjustment, with seat coolers and heaters, wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto (standard with the 5 EV), and automatic function for all windows. It also features remote start, keyless entry, as well as a remote switch on the keyfob for air conditioning. In-car music comes by way of an 8-speaker Sony Sound System, and device connections will have options including 3 high-speed USB Ports, 2 power outlets, and a wireless charging pad for mobile phones. But perhaps the centerpiece is the dual 10.25″ screens on the dashboard.

Safety features – where Omoda prides itself when it first announced the arrival of the Omoda 5 EV and ICE – include advanced features such as a 16-function ADAS System ( Front Collision Avoidance, Front Departure Reminder, Lane Departure Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keep Assist, Blind Spot Detection, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Driver Monitoring System), and a 360-degree view camera as well as a driver’s side Heads Up Display.

Most noteworthy is Omoda’s announcement of garnering 5-star NCAP ratings for the Omoda 5 EV, and we all know that though every test has different criteria, they are all quite stringent in their own respect, and getting perfect scores is a testament to any vehicle’s capacity to protect those inside and even those outside and around it.

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Powering the Omoda 5 EV is a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with a liquid-cooled system. Its power output is estimated to put out 150kw and around 400 Nm of torque. Its range is even more impressive with a fully charged vehicle able to cover 300 (standard EV variant)-450 (ER or extended range variant) kilometers. An AC/DC charging module comes standard with the car, along with a portable 220v charger. The standard charger can juice up the battery from 0 to 100% in 8 hours, whereas a fast charger can bring the charge up from 30% to 80% in just 30 minutes.

There is no word yet about fast chargers being made available in the dealerships, but we’re pretty sure Omoda will have all that worked out before they officially bring the 5 into the market.

As for the Omoda 5 EV’s warranty, the entire vehicle comes with a 5-year or 200,000 kilometers quality warranty (whichever comes first). Specifically for the battery, motor, and electric control system, it gets a longer and more impressive 8-year or 200,000 kilometers quality warranty (whichever comes first).

Would-be owners can also rest easy as Omoda will be running the brand’s operations themselves in the PH. As a direct business operation, they will have warehouses stocked with parts to readily and quickly address any repair or warranty concerns without having to wait for a longer time for importation. That’s always good news.

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Photo: Omoda

Omoda is confident in declaring that the pricing of the Omoda 5 EV will be very competitive given the PH government’s tax exemption program for Electric Vehicles. As an added draw, the 5 EV will also be exempted from the number coding scheme under Republic Act 11697 or the Electric Vehicle Industry Development Act (EVIDA).

Both Omoda and its sister brand Jaecoo are slated to officially enter the PH market sometime in the 4th quarter of the year. Coinciding with the brand’s launch is that of the Omoda 5 EV’s as well, and that’s something we all eagerly look forward to.

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