Xiaomi releases new electric scooters with seats


After pioneering the hype for folding scooters through M365, Xiaomi releases another lineup of electric moped scooters. 

Xiaomi A1 and A1 PRo • Xiaomi releases new electric scooters with seats

Made for urban commuters, the A1 and A1 Pro offer sleek looks and a number of smart features. Both models are equipped with a 400W brushless DC motor, smart rear-view mirrors, a 6.86-inch digital dashboard and a 1080p wide-angle dash cameras for recording journey up to 90 minutes. The A1 and the A1 Pro can also travel up to 25 kilometers per hour, weighs 55 kg, comes with 14-inch tires, front disc, rear drum brakes, motorcycle-level suspension system with dual-fork to the front and dual-spring rear shock absorbers.

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The base model of the A1-series is powered with a 768-watt battery with a range of 60 km. Meanwhile, the A1 Pro has a slightly bigger 960-watt battery and can go up to 70 km. It is also packed with other features such as GPS, 4G, Bluetooth connectivity for its dashboard, touchscreen and voice command functions, and Find My Bike for tracking the location of your scooter and sending photos of current surroundings directly to the user’s smartphone. 

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Coming in with removable batteries, the A1 and the A1 Pro can be fully charged as quickly as 7 hours and 30 minutes. While the local pricing and availability are yet to be announced, both e-scooters retail at USD 423 and USD 523.

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