Astara Philippines names motoring industry expert Arlan Reyes as head of JMC and Peugeot

Astara, a prominent player in the global mobility sector, is pleased to announce the appointment of Arlan Reyes as the brand head for JMC and Peugeot in the Philippines, solidifying its commitment to excellence in the automotive industry.

Arlan Reyes, a distinguished executive boasting over 25 years of experience in the motoring sector, assumes a pivotal role in steering brand operations for JMC, the latest addition to Astara Philippines’ diverse portfolio. His mandate includes the challenging task of orchestrating the launch of the JMC brand and formulating comprehensive business operation strategies. In addition to this, Reyes will oversee and manage all brand initiatives for Peugeot, showcasing his multifaceted expertise in the automotive domain.

Raoul Picello, the Managing Director of Astara Philippines, expresses his excitement regarding Reyes’ appointment, emphasizing the value of his extensive experience and proven track record in the motoring industry. Picello envisions a future marked by new milestones and the consolidation of Astara’s position as a key player in the automotive sector under Reyes’ leadership.

Arlan Reyes Astara Philippines

Photo: Astara Philippines

Reyes, bringing a wealth of industry knowledge and leadership acumen to Astara Philippines, is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of both JMC and Peugeot. His strategic vision aligns with Astara’s ambition to position these brands as preferred choices in the fiercely competitive motoring landscape.

Astara Philippines is dedicated to providing exceptional vehicles and services to Filipino customers. The appointment of Reyes underscores the company’s determination to be the distributor of choice for renowned automotive brands. Raoul Picello underscores the importance of the new executive leadership team, portraying them as integral to Astara’s enduring strategy aimed at strengthening its position as a prominent player in the local automotive landscape. Picello reflects on the remarkable success achieved during the initial two years in the country, expressing unwavering passion and a commitment to reaching even greater heights in 2023. With Reyes at the helm, Astara Philippines is poised for continued success and prominence in the dynamic world of mobility.

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