Urgent QC Traffic Advisory: Dry run of Tandang Sora Stop-and-Go Left Turn Scheme daily, 4-8PM

Heads up, folks! The QC LGU issued a new Traffic Advisory. As of last Saturday, June 17, 2023, a dry run of a stop-and-go left turn scheme was put in place. Those along Commonwealth Avenue who mean to turn left into Tandang Sora can do so daily from 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM for the next two weeks. If it proves to work as intended, we might have to expect that it will become a staple traffic scheme.

QC Traffic Advisory explains left turn into Tandang Sora from Commonwealth

Mmda Advisory Commonwealth Traffic Scheme Stop And Go Left Turn traffic advisory Inline 01 Min

Photo: QC Government

The traffic advisory was issued on June 16, Friday of last week. The announcement explains a stop-and-go left turn scheme that will be put in place during afternoon rush hours, specifically from 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM. The dry run will be for two weeks. This traffic scheme aims to address the traffic jams at Visayas Avenue from Elliptical Road, as well as that at the U-Turn slot in front of Shopwise Don Antonio Along Commonwealth.

Mmda Advisory Commonwealth Traffic Scheme Stop And Go Left Turn traffic advisory Inline 02 Min

Photo: QC Government

When the scheme is activated, vehicles along Commonwealth in the Eastbound direction will have a left turn window opened to them. This will be found almost exactly at what was the Commonwealth-Tandang Sora intersection before the start of the MRT’s construction along the main avenue. Take note, though, that only traffic coming¬†into¬†Tandang Sora will be allowed, and those coming from Tandang Sora can only turn right at the corner of Commonwealth.

Traffic enforcers will be deployed during the dry run hours to help motorists along their way.

Mmda Motorcycle Lane Commonwealth Returns Main 00 Min

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To our readers from the Commonwealth area, let us know what you think if this traffic scheme works or not. We hope it does, of course.

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