RA 11235 aka The Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act is now a Law


The Land Transportation Office has released the Implementing Rules and Regulations for Republic Act 11235 AKA the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act.

LTO logo 1 • RA 11235 aka The Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act is now a Law

Effective today, the RA 11235 was initially signed by President Duterte on March 28, 2019, includes several provisions, requirements, and penalties surrounding the registry of the vehicle and color-coded number plates.

Notable provisions of the RA11235 include:

  • Initial registration of a motorcycle shall be made with the LTO by the owner or dealer within five days from the date of the sales invoice or from the Certificate of Stock Reported report date. [Section 4] Failure of the owner to register within five days from acquisition of ownership, or to immediately report its sale or disposition in accordance with the period provided shall subject the owner to a penalty of imprisonment of arrest mayor to prision correccional,  or a fine of not less than twenty thousand pesos (PHP 20,000) but not more than fifty thousand pesos (PHP 50,000), or both. [Section 7]
  • The LTO shall issue a set of bigger, readable, and color-coded number plate for every motorcycle. It consists of a:
    • Metal number place to be installed at the rear of the motorcycle
    • A decal number plate to be displayed in its front
  • The new plates will bear a unique combination of alphanumeric characters. The metal plate will measure 235mm in width, and 135mm in height, made of suitable and durable aluminum substrate material with reflectorized background and security features. The font size for all alphanumeric characters is 60mm tall. [Section 5]
  • The decal plate will measure 135mm in width and 85mm in height, and made of suitable and durable sticker material with reflectorized alphanumeric characters and security features. The font of the alphanumeric characters is 40mm tall. (May be subject to change) [Section 5]
  • The contents of the number plates shall be readable from both the front and back from a distance of at least fifteen meters. All motorcycles shall have a rear plate light. The color scheme will be as follows:
    • Private Motorcycle – white background with color stripe (dependent on the region) and black alphanumeric characters
    • Public Utility Motorcycle – yellow background and black alphanumeric characters
    • Government Motorcycle – white background and red alphanumeric characters
    • Diplomatic Motorcycle – white background and blue alphanumeric characters
  • Driving without a number plate or a readable number place as provided in the IRR is prohibited. [Section 8]
    • The driver of a motorcycle without a number plate or readable number place shall be punished by prision correccional or a fine of not less than fifty thousand pesos (PHP 50,000) but not more than one hundred thousand pesos (PHP 100,000), or both.
    • A motorcycle driven without a number plate or a readable number plate shall be stopped, and such motorcycle shall be seized by law enforcers and surrendered within twenty-four (24) hours to the PNP.

Check out the full IRR here.

Louie Diangson
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