2023 Toyota Vios in PH could be a facelift and not all-new model (Yet)

One of the biggest automotive news last year was the launch of the all-new Toyota Vios in Thailand, Indonesia, and other ASEAN nations. Given that the Vios is a top-selling and sought-after model in the Philippines, we were assuming that the all-new model would be debuting on our shores soon.

Unfortunately, that might not be the case.

Toyota Vios Facelift Inline

PH Toyota Vios to get another facelift?

Based on a report by Carspiritpk.com, they were able to spot what looks like a facelifted version of the current Vios model. Made obvious by the spy photos are the drastically changed front end that features an updated fascia and headlight design.

It also has a more expansive front grille, which overall makes the car resemble the recently debuted Prius model that showcases the ‘hammerhead’ look. Completing the facelifted look are the newly designed 15-inch alloy wheels.

Toyota Vios Facelift Inline 2

Other than those stated above, the exterior design remains largely the same as the current model being sold locally. While this may seem like bad news and it could disappoint those who were expecting the all-new Vios, the brand could still add more features for the 2023 model that might still entice buyers.

Also, before people decide to throw eggs at Toyota it would be good to remember that the whole automotive industry is still reeling from a parts supply shortage, which could be the reason they decided to go with a face-lift in the meantime. After all, it’s better than nothing.

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