Chery Sample Electric Vehicles To Land In PH Soon

Chery International is set to ship a batch of sample electric vehicles (EVs) to the Philippines very soon.  

Chery PH’s new EVs

In a bid to continuously update Chery’s new energy vehicle lineup, Chery is soon to bring in one plug-in hybrid model and two pure electric models.

Following Chery’s launch of its hybrid models in the country, Chery eyes to incorporate green power into its upcoming model offerings to provide its Filipino customers with more energy-saving and sustainable vehicles. 

In a report released in early September, Chery Holding Group logged a total of 1,0

63,157 vehicle sales from January to August. This translates to a year-on-year sales increase of 42%, exceeding one million sales for the year. 

One of Chery Group’s sales drivers is the Tiggo 8 with 21,369 units sold. Meanwhile, in the first half of 2023, Chery’s product sales in the Philippine market increased by 8%.

As one of the earliest automobile companies in China to focus on green development, Chery continues to innovate technology and produce greener, more efficient, and smarter vehicles. 

Pablo Salapantan

Pablo Salapantan

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