MMDA: Strict implementation of Commonwealth Motorcycle Lane begins today March 27

Here it goes, people! The implementation and enforcement of the exclusive motorcycle lane along Commonwealth Avenue will begin today, March 27, 2023. This is a reminder that all motorcycles are supposed to ply the thoroughfare only with the blue lanes, and while those who violate this will be apprehended and fined, motorists with vehicles with more than two wheels will be subjected to the same as well.

Exclusive Motorcycle Lane along Commonwealth is the third lane from the right

Mmda Commonwealth Motorcycle Lane Implementation Inline 01 Min

Photo: MMDA

It’s been a shade more than two weeks since the dry run of the motorcycle lane began, and beginning today, the use of the blue lanes for motorcycles will already be enforced, complete with fines for those who are caught violating it. In case you haven’t been made aware, the MC lane is marked by blue lines and is specifically assigned as the third lane from the righthand pavement.

It’s expected that those driving motorcycles will stay inside the motorcycle lane that is exclusively for their use and that those who are driving vehicles that are not motorcycles will stay within their own lanes. They may traverse into the blue lanes in anticipation of a right turn that must be made, but they cannot stay within the blue lanes for long. The rules state that you can veer into the MC lane anywhere between 100m-200m, depending on whether they’re turning into a street, or entering an establishment. Let’s just use our discretion to avoid being pulled over and fined, yes?

Mmda Commonwealth Motorcycle Lane Implementation Inline 02 Min

Photo: MMDA

The original plan was a 1-week dry run, but the numbers of those who were accosted didn’t sit too well with the MMDA, and they called for an extension to give more time for motorists to become more familiar with the motorcycle lane and get used to staying within their own and respective lanes when driving along Commonwealth Avenue.

Towards the last day of the motorcycle lane dry run and leading up to its official implementation today, there has been an up-and-down trend for motorists who were “apprehended” for violating it. In total, 4,175 motorcyclists were pulled over, and a whopping 14,694 private vehicles were stopped. Along with the MMDA, we hope that all that time was enough, and that these numbers won’t continue to grow and instead go lower in the weeks and months to come.

Mmda Commonwealth Motorcycle Lane Implementation Inline 03 Min

Photo: MMDA

The motorcycle lane was conceived due to the high number of accidents involving motorcycles along Commonwealth Avenue. According to an MMDA report, in 2022, 1,686 or an average of 5 cases per day were tallied. If it all goes according to plan, the herding of motorcycles away from all other motor vehicles will decrease this number all while making traffic flow along Commonwealth smoother and faster. Let’s hope that it does. And let’s hope that all motorists regardless of vehicle type comply.

Consider yourselves reminded and warned folks. PHP 500 isn’t so easy to come by if you get apprehended for non-observance of the motorcycle lane.

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