DOTr gets some help from Sweden to make EDSA busway better for all

The EDSA busway is both a bane and a boon for commuters. While it provides an “orderly” means to get on and off public transport, there are other concerns such as being sideswiped by another bus, getting to, from, and around stations given the stairs and long walks, and so on.

The DOTr is aware of this, and with the help of consultants from Sweco International AB, they’re looking at ways to further improve the busway for all.

EDSA Busway, as well as PITX bus bays (re)evaluated

Dotr Sweden Edsa Busway Improvement Inline 01 Min

Photo: DOTr

The team from Sweco International AB arrived last week. Their mission is to evaluate the existing bus routes and stations and submit their findings to local government agencies and officials. They aim to come up with plans to address commuters’ concerns and improve the service that they get beyond just getting on and off a bus.

Dotr Sweden Edsa Busway Improvement Inline 02 Min

Photo: DOTr

The Swedish team began its work at PITX, observing its bus bays’ condition and traffic flow. Its ability to use what’s called the Central Public Utility Vehicle Monitoring System (CPUVMS) was assessed, and those findings will eventually lead to a further study and finalization of a contract that will also benefit the EDSA busway. A one-year contract may materialize, which will line up the funding and technical support that will be provided by Swedfund.

Dotr Sweden Edsa Busway Improvement Inline 03 Min

Photo: DOTr

As of this writing, the recorded findings have already been submitted to both the DOTr and the MMDA. Along with them, and before a final contract, recommendations for the EDSA busway have likewise been given. According to Undersecretary for Road Transport and Infrastructure Mark Steven C. Pastor, “the DOTr will take note of the study team’s findings, and utilize them to advance the EDSA Busway project and enhance its services for Filipino commuters.”

We all need the help we can get. And as we always say, Filipina and Filipino commuters deserve more and much better means of transportation. We’ll take this partnership as a win, and we’ll continue hoping that funding for improvements will indeed come from this partnership.

Mikko Juangco
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