Exciting news as first Ford Ranger PHEV announced for early 2025 release

Many automotive manufacturers are making a beeline towards electrification. Ford won’t be left behind, and the Ranger PHEV is most definitely coming our way. Pairing a traditional petrol engine with plug-in hybrid electric vehicle technology, the brand announced plans to electrify its pickup, and we can expect it to be unveiled in early 2025.

Ford Ranger PHEV: Fewer emissions, same driving and off-road capabilities

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Production of the Ranger PHEV will start in late 2024 and Ford is boldly declaring that it will already be available in early 2025. The introduction of an electrified version of the great-selling pickup will mark a significant milestone in the brand’s plan of offering a “full range of powertrain options” for the pickup truck faithful.

“The Ranger Plug-in Hybrid will help customers step forward into an electrified future, with more confidence and capability than ever before, while keeping Ranger at the forefront of innovation and leadership in the mid-size pickup truck segment,” said Hans Schep, General Manager of Ford Pro, Europe.

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The Ranger PHEV will be powered by a 2.3-liter Ford EcoBoost petrol engine paired with an electric motor and rechargeable battery system. This will make for the highest torque figures seen in any Ranger model while also allowing it to be driven in pure EV or electric (vehicle) mode. That said, the EV range leaves a bit to be desired, though, as Ford has declared it at only 45 kilometers. Of course, we hope that this number is upped by the time it is officially made available.

The Ranger PHEV’s Driving Modes allow for on-demand EV operation and also give its driver flexibility in choosing which method of propulsion to use, shifting between petrol and electric. We can also expect the PHEV version to come equipped with the Ranger’s proven four-wheel drive off-road capability, 5 selectable drive modes, as well as advanced driver safety and driver assist features. That said, those who swear by the workhorse nature of the Ranger will be glad that its maximum braked towing capacity is still rated at 3,500 kg.

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“Our customers want electrified vehicles that deliver strong performance and affordable cost of ownership without compromising what they love about their truck. The Ranger Plug-in Hybrid is a best-of-both-worlds solution for work, play, and family – offering customers zero-tailpipe emission EV driving for short trips, or hybrid performance that delivers incredible off-road, payload, and towing capabilities. And, with Pro Power Onboard for the first time, Ranger owners can power their work sites and campsites easily,” Schep adds.

The Ranger PHEV will also offer Pro Power Onboard, which enables everyone to power their high-draw power tools, and worksite or campsite appliances simply by plugging them into power outlets built into both the cargo bed and inside the cabin. That leaves no need for noisy, bulky, heavy generators, leaving more space in the cargo bed for other gear and equipment and to enjoy the great outdoors with more convenience.

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As we said, everyone’s getting on board the electrification bandwagon. The Ford Ranger sells very, very well in the PH, and in about two years, should it enter the local market, the Ranger PHEV might become a staple on our roads as well. We’re pretty sure a lot of the Ford Ranger fans and fan clubs will take well to this news, and we’d also like to hear their thoughts on a diesel-free, electrified version of their pickup truck of choice.

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