FordPass Anniversary: Over 21,000 Filipino owners embrace full app benefits in year one

In a noteworthy milestone, FordPass, the innovative mobile application by Ford facilitating access to vehicle-specific content and support, celebrates its inaugural year since its launch in the Philippines in December 2022. This milestone underscores Ford’s commitment to providing its customers a comprehensive and streamlined ownership experience through a versatile, all-encompassing platform.

Functioning as a central hub for a myriad of practical features, FordPass has become a one-stop solution for over 21,000 Next-Gen Ford vehicle owners in the Philippines. Users have harnessed the power of FordPass to engage in remote functionalities such as door lock and unlock, engine stop and start with pre-cooling, vehicle location tracking, and real-time vehicle status monitoring – all seamlessly integrated into the user-friendly app.

Beyond the standard remote capabilities, FordPass offers additional utilities that enhance the driving experience. The Intelligent Oil Life Monitor (IOLM) is a notable feature that monitors driving habits, enabling users to optimize engine oil changes based on actual needs rather than arbitrary schedules. Similarly, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) ensures that users are informed about their vehicle’s tire pressure in real-time, contributing to safety and maintenance awareness.

Expressing satisfaction with the positive reception of FordPass, Mike Breen, Managing Director of Ford Philippines, highlighted the app’s role in elevating the ownership experience. He expressed the company’s eagerness to introduce more features and improve the user interface to extend the benefits of a connected vehicle through FordPass to an even broader spectrum of Ford owners.

Looking forward, Ford plans to integrate Online Service Booking (OSB) into FordPass, further bolstering their commitment to convenience and customer satisfaction. This forward-looking initiative aims to enhance the service experience for Ford owners, offering a seamless and integrated solution for scheduling and managing their vehicle’s maintenance needs.

Accessible on both Android and iOS platforms, FordPass is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, embodying Ford’s dedication to ensuring a connected and convenient ownership experience for its customers. As the automotive landscape evolves, Ford remains at the forefront of technological integration to meet the changing needs of its discerning clientele.


Carlos Miguel Divino

Carlos Miguel Divino

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