Isuzu Philippines launches “Road To Progress” vision during 25th anniversary

Last July 21, 2022, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) celebrated its 25th inaugural anniversary. Apart from celebrating its long success in the Philippines, Isuzu also chose this momentous occasion to launch its “Road To Progress” initiative.

Isuzu Philippines Road To Progress

So what exactly is “Road To Progress”? According to the presentation of IPC President Murakami, the Road To Progress vision aims to realign
IPC’s business process through a new perspective focusing on environment, social, and governance aspects. One of the steps IPC takes in protecting the environment is shifting its energy source from coal-power plants to renewable sources like a solar power plant to decrease the carbon emission of its manufacturing plant. IPC is also encouraging its dealers to follow its lead in switching to renewable energy in the next
years, envisioning a lower carbon footprint for the entire Isuzu dealer network.

Isuzu Philippines Shareholders Toast

Isuzu Philippines not only wants to provide durable, fuel-efficient, and environmentally friendly products; the brand wants to be able to forge a new path to a more sustainable and greener future as well.

Given all Isuzu’s success locally, its Road To Progress vision is more than likely to be fulfilled.

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Pablo Salapantan

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