Fuel price rollback on August 9, PHP 2.10 for gas, PHP 2.20 for diesel

And the fuel price rollbacks just keep on coming! Last week we had adjustments to pump prices but while diesel went down, gasoline prices went up. This week, we’re looking at both getting a rollback starting tomorrow, August 9, 2022. Gasoline is set to go down by PHP 2.10 and diesel by PHP 2.20.

Fuel prices continue their downtrend, gas and diesel again get a rollback


For more weeks than we can remember, tomorrow’s scheduled fuel price rollback is yet another that motorists can enjoy. Pump prices of both diesel and gasoline will be lowered. What seemed to be nonstop hikes in the past months now looks to be thing of the past, and we really hope that it is.

As of this posting, the following gas companies have already confirmed the prices and times of their rollbacks for tomorrow: SeaOil, Petro Gazz, and Cleanfuel

PHP 2.10 will be slashed per liter of gasoline, and PHP 2.20 from diesel.


Pump prices at Seaoil gas stations will be adjusted tomorrow at 6:00 AM. Petro Gazz stations will also implement the rollback at the same time. Cleanfuel will have a different time for adjustments, though, and it is set for 8:01 AM. Caltex has also announced that effective 12:01 AM August 9, 2022, they will adjust fuel prices of Platinum and Silver gasoline and diesel fuels.

As always, do expect the specific prices per liter of gasoline and diesel to vary between areas and gas stations, but the same amount will be rolled back everywhere. Other players have yet to announce their price adjustments and the times at which they will do so.

Fuel Price Rollback August 09 Inline 01

Slowly but surely we are seeing more favorable albeit still expensive fuel prices in the country. Any rollback is a good rollback, and we hope we continue to enjoy the downtrend until we see fuel prices drop to more “practical” amounts. No class is spared from continuous price hikes; at least this rollback may help PUV and TNVS drivers and operators get back on their feet, seeing that fuel is the “lifeblood” of their means of livelihood.

While we’re at it, here are some tips that we’ve compiled that can help you save on gas with these easy-to-remember tips.

We’ve also come up with a list of common practices that we’ve debunked as not being helpful at all.

Cheers to another week of rollbacks, ladies and gentlemen! Go fill those tanks up and drive safely out there!

Mikko Juangco
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