Special edition Geely Coolray SE unveiled at MIAS 2022

If there’s one automotive brand that hit the ground running – and is still running – it’s Geely. Their very first offering, the Coolray, has been its top-selling model despite now having four in the lineup. At the 2022 Manila International Auto Show, they didn’t mess with a winning formula. Instead, they opted to make the good Coolray better by releasing the new SE variant.

Geely Coolray Rear

It’s by no means a major model change, just a few tweaks here and there. The front end gets most of the updates by way of a newly redesigned bumper, massive air dams on either side and a much sportier honeycomb grill. A lot of high-gloss, high-contrast panels have been fitted onto the bumper, including a chin with accent stripes leading to the corners.

The rear remains pretty much the same with the Coolray SE, though. Aside from a redesigned skirt, also with an accent stripe, updated reflector pieces inside the LED taillights, and a more aggressive wing design, there’s nothing else that’s new to see here. Oh, and those aforementioned accent stripes, those are present along the side of the SE as well.

Geely Coolray Dashboard

The inside, well, literally there’s nothing to gawk over here. After all, the changes to the SE were meant for the exterior, so the Coolray’s innards remain the same. It sports the same black and red interior motif, but at least all the good things like ergonomics, comfort, and tech features are still standard and to be expected.

Under the hood, it’s the same deal. The Coolray SE like the pre-facelift model is powered by the same 1.5-Liter three-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine that pumps out 177HP and 255 Nm of torque. We did say that Geely decided not to mess with a winning formula, right?

There’s a reason why you see a lot of Coolrays running on our streets. There won’t be a fan base if it wasn’t good, and a good crossover it is. You can see the Geely Coolray SE yourself at the MIAS grounds, the event will run until this Sunday. Maybe you can buy one too while you’re at it.

Mikko Juangco
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