The Gran Turismo live action movie set for August 2023 looks awesome already

Just a few months after the start of filming, Sony Pictures posted an exclusive sneak peek of the live-action Gran Turismo movie. In the clip that’s a very quick one-minute, we see camera rigs on cars, parts of the cast, montages of scenes that will be in the movie, as well as high-adrenaline action from cars that we only saw in video games in the years past.

Gran Turismo movie slated for August 2023 premiere, based on a true story

Gran Turismo Movie Teaser Inline 01 Min

Photo: Sony Pictures

Based on the true story of Nissan GT Academy winner Jann Mardenborough, the Gran Turismo film follows his rise from a video gamer to a professional race car driver. The GT Academy has been a platform to give those aspiring to get behind a real-life race car a chance to live their dreams outside of their simulator or even game controllers at home.

Gran Turismo Movie Teaser Inline 02 Min

Photo: Sony Pictures

The film features a packed cast with Archie Madekwe playing the lead role of Mardenborough. Other film industry heavy hitters include the likes of Orlando Bloom who plays Danny Moore and David Harbour as Jack Salter. Behind the scenes, the film was executive produced by Kazunori Yamauchi (GT game designer and professional race car driver), Herman Hulst, Jason Hall, and Matthew Hirsch. The film is directed by Neill Blomkamp of District 9, Chappie, and Elysium fame.

Gran Turismo Movie Teaser Inline 03 Min

Photo: Sony Pictures

Lots of games have been adapted into full-length, live-action movies, but really, not too many have seen much success. But with Gran Turismo being a staple household name, with Nissan and the GT Academy bolstering this new film adaptation, and with what looks like a potent and convincing cast, perhaps this will carve a niche of its own.

Sony has a pretty big mountain to climb, but after seeing the Gran Turismo teaser, it already looks very promising, indeed.

Mikko Juangco
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