No Cellphone While Driving Law starts on May 18

texting while driving • No Cellphone While Driving Law starts on May 18

The Anti-Distracted Driving Act that became a law last August 1, 2016 will now be enforced starting May 18, 2017.

Any driver caught using a cellphone while he/she is in the driver’s seat will be apprehended and fined. This includes using the phone even if the car is not moving while on a stop light or in a middle of a heavy traffic (incidentally, just this afternoon, a MAPSA officer warned us about this violation and stated it is already in effect in Makati, though we corrected him that it should be May 18).

Here are the fines:

1st offense: Php5,000 fine
2nd offense: Php10,000 fine
3rd offense: Php15,000 fine + 3 months suspension of license
4th offense: Php20,000 fine + revocation of driver’s license

There are also exemptions to this rule as stated here.

Updated: Everything you need to know about the Anti-Distracted Driving Law

  1. how about dashcam?

  2. How can you enforce it? If other road laws are not even enforced? For example: pub overspeeding? Cars motorcycles counterflowing, illegal parking or obstruction especially ortigas la salle?

  3. What about Jeepney drivers who have done this far longer than device users? Should they be allowed to receive payments with the other hand while driving and in motion? I guess distraction has become some political fad of sorts.

  4. Exception are vehicle with heavily tinted.

  5. What about if one is updating or sending an alert on Waze: traffic situation, hazard?

    • Here is the list of exemptions:

  6. The list of exemptions has only two cases. It does not include the use of navigation apps on mobile phones.

  7. What about uber drivers? they HAVE to use their smartphones.

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