Honda unveils 2025 CR-V e:FCEV a hydrogen powered SUV

It has been a growing topic among the global automotive community how some auto giants have slowly backtracked on going full EV. Honda is one of those brands, and it announced recently that some major focus and attention has been turned back to perfecting the hydrogen fuel cell.

It seems the brand is further in the development process than we thought because they just unveiled something big.

2025 Honda Cr V E Fcev (1)

2025 Honda CR-V e:FCEV Hydrogen

The first thing to note is that the photos reveal a very simple and already familiar-looking Honda CR-V, but this special vehicle is powered by a battery pack coupled with a fuel cell setup, denoting what is simply a plug-in hydrogen CR-V.

Honda claims that the CR-V e:FCEV is the only passenger car in America that is a fuel cell electric. The groundbreaking part of this vehicle is of course the powertrain, which is an electric motor placed in the front that produces 174 electrified ponies. The fuel source of the electric motor is a hydrogen fuel cell that can reach around 270 miles (434 km).

2025 Honda Cr V E Fcev (2)

Another neat feature of the CR-V e:FCEV is the ability to use its charge to power appliances and such like some hybrids and EVs in the market.

In terms of the construction of the vehicle, some things were changed and beefed up to accommodate the weight change. These changes include a Macpherson strut front and a multi-link rear system, and new stabilizer bars, dampers, and springs.

2025 Honda Cr V E Fcev (3)

Apart from the changes to the powertrain it pretty much remains the same Honda CR-V that is already out in the market globally apart from some key distinguishing details in the design. The brand claims that this model will hit showroom floors in America sometime in late 2024, with no word yet on a global rollout.

If this technology proves to be as good as it sounds, then maybe another sustainable mobility option has just been discovered which could impact the EV market. We shall wait and see.

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