LTFRB cracking down on overcharging Jeepneys

The continuous increase in fuel prices is already affecting every motorist, however, it seems even commuters are now feeling the brunt of it as well. The Land Transportation Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB) wants to make clear that overcharging commuters is not allowed, even if fuel prices are increasing.

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According to the LTFRB, they received reports of certain jeepney drivers along Fairview and Marcos Highway are charging as much as Php15 as minimum fare. This is despite that fact that the LTFRB has yet to settle all petitions for fare hike received from various transport groups.

Some of the passengers who were interviewed by LTFRB personnel said, that they were paying Php10 on purpose because they understand the plight of the Jeepney drivers caused by the increase in fuel prices.

Despite this, the LTFRB reminded Jeepney drivers that the current minimum fare is currently set at Php9. Although, some drivers were told by one of their leaders that it has been increased to Php10, again the LTFRB was quick to refute the claim as false.

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