LTO Fee Matrix: Exactly how much do student permit, driver’s license transactions cost in 2022?

The great majority of Filipinos will always have business with the Land Transportation Office to deal with. In this particular post, we’re looking at those who want to apply for, or maybe renew their student permits, driver’s licenses, or conductor licenses. A few weeks ago, the LTO released their fee matrix and in it, we’ll see how much certain transactions for permits and pro-and non-pro licenses will cost the regular Juan.


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LTO Fee Matrix as of May 18, 2022

The LTO Fee Matrix that was published by the agency covers the associated fees for applying for student permits, driver’s and conductor’s licenses, as well as the cost for the addition of Restriction Codes. Likewise, renewal fees and penalties for late renewals are also covered in the infographic.

If we were to break it down, Student Permits will cost PHP 250.00 and Non-Pro and Conductor’s Licenses will be PHP 685.00. The renewal of the licenses will cost PHP 585.00, and for those who get to do so late, the prices will vary depending on how long the license has expired from PHP 660.00 – PHP 910.00 for renewal, and the corresponding PHP 75.00 – PHP 225.00 penalty fee.

Other costs included in the LTO Fee Matrix include those for adding Restriction Codes, Request for License Change Classification (from Non-Pro to Pro), and Revision of Records.

For those who are looking at getting their Student Permit, you can refer to our handy guide found on this link.

As a bit of additional information, the LTO Fee Matrix does not include driving school fees nor the medical exam cost, so make sure you bring extra for those as they apply to you. And remember, the LTO still enforces minimum health safety protocols so do observe those as well.

Mikko Juangco
  1. How much po cost from student to non pro?

  2. Saan to pwedeng makakuha ng license na ganito po ang fee…pls reply po…ty

  3. Magandang Umaga Sir!

    Asking lang din ako, magkano po ngayon as of this writing yung license for non-pro?

    Complete docs na ko. Kumbaga, kukuha na sana ko ng non-pro, magkano overall cost po if aasikasuhin ko na sa LTO san juan? Thank you po sa tugon.

    • Imagine paying a penalty for late renewal of both license and registration. This is the most absurd requirement I’ve ever seen in my 75 years. So if you park your car on private property and go overseas and your car or licence expires you pay a penalty… STUPIDITY at it highest. In Australia if your licence or registration expires in most states you do nothing with no penalty (as long as you don’t drive the vehicle on a public road) . All is required other than maybe a vehicle roadworthy inspection when you decide to use it again.

  4. Reply Avatar of Marjonne Villanueva
    Marjonne Villanueva August 28, 2022 at 9:42 pm

    Magkano po pagkuha student license?

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