NeoClassic car show wants to set the bar higher for local car scene and culture

In recent years the local automotive scene has been thriving, and people have gotten into the culture of modifying and bespoke setups. To build up the scene even further and launch the PH car scene into the global standard and spotlight, a couple of die-hard car guys are putting together what is slated to be a car show unlike any other; NeoClassic.

NeoClassic V1 2024

The show is set to take place on January 28, 2024 (Sunday) at the Filinvest tent in Alabang, and within those walls will house some of the most ‘choice’ and eye-searing setups slapped on desirable automobiles of all types.

Of course, apart from the cars, it’s also about the community and those who visit will be able to interact with people very well-versed in the Filipino car culture we have today.


Adding to the excitement there will be musical performances, and most importantly a guest from the global automotive scene, namely Dino Dalle Carbonare of SpeedHunters fame who was gracious enough to come over to our tiny archipelago for this show.

So if you’re a fan of all things automotive and a curious spectator of the Filipino Car Culture, do head out to the NeoClassic show tomorrow. Take note though, as a reminder please do act accordingly, the display vehicles are prized possessions and proper decorum and decency should be present at all times during the show, stay classy folks. 

Pablo Salapantan

Pablo Salapantan

Pablo's first word was probably "Car", and this has developed into a personal passion that has consumed his professional life as well.

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