LTO keen on implementing online plain registration renewal for all PUVs

The convenience of renewing your vehicle’s registration with the LTO through the LTMS is a godsend. But what of those who have PUVs and want some convenience as well? The Land Transportation Office wants to implement the same system for public utility vehicles, and they can soon start processing plain renewals of registration online.

LTO to utilize LTMS portal for online PUV registration renewals

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Currently, only private vehicles can use the LTMS or the Land Transportation Management System to process their registration renewal. In a bid to further combat corruption, particularly that of fixers, the Land Transportation Office wants to extend this service to PUV owners. The Agency is currently in talks with the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to iron out the system’s workings.

Specifically, the LTO will need access to the database of issued certificates of public convenience that are required for PUVs to operate. These are held by the LTFRB and for online renewal, the database will have to be linked to that of the LTMS.

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“May initial meetings na po tayo sa LTFRB para magkaroon ng interconnectivity at ma-access ang mga certificate of public convenience o CPC nang sa gayon ay iyong mga may-ari ng mga PUV ay puwede na rin makapag-renew online [We have had initial meetings with the LTFRB to have interconnectivity and to access the certificates of public convenience or CPC so PUV owners can also renew online],” said LTO Chief Jay Art Tugade.

Tugade and his agency are confident that giving the option for online renewal will not only prove convenient but will also address the problem of fixers offering their services. Most importantly, Tugade sees this as a means to rid the streets of non-roadworthy vehicles.

“The LTO and LTFRB must assure that the PUVs plying our roads are roadworthy units. We want to ease the burden of PUV operators when it comes to the renewal of the registration of their units,” Tugade later said.

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Will the system get up and running soon, and will it work how the LTO plans it to? The battle for PUV modernization is still “blazing”, so to speak, and it’s very interesting how the last goal of assessing roadworthiness applies to this new online system. Nonetheless, the convenience it’s meant to bring is worth our gratitude, and that of PUV owners as well.

Mikko Juangco
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