Drive freely! No Number Coding today, Nov. 27, 2023, including Makati, for Bonifacio Day

Another week, and another Monday for everyone. Much like last week, Number Coding has again been suspended, but this time for more “celebratory reasons”. Bonifacio Day is officially on November 30, but as has been practiced, such holiday celebrations are moved to the Monday nearest the date; in this case, today, November 27, 2023. And given that this is a National Holiday, Coding has been lifted, and yes, that includes the City of Makati.

No Number Coding in celebration of Bonifacio Day

Mmda Number Coding Suspended Nov 27 2023 Bonifacio Day Inline 01 Min

Photo: Metro Manila Development Authority

For those wondering, the moving of the exact day of celebration for National Holidays follows Proclamation No. 90 which states that today may be declared a holiday and the 30th a working day. This also follows Republic Act 9492 that states “unless otherwise modified by law, order, or proclamation,…” the holidays can be moved on the indicated Monday nearest the holiday’s actual day.

That said, we are all going to enjoy having no Number Coding today.

Mmda Number Coding Suspended Nov 27 2023 Bonifacio Day Inline 02 Min

Photo: MyMakati

Makati, a city known for enforcing its own traffic laws outside of the MMDA, also recognized the importance of today’s holiday and has followed suit. Number Coding in the City has likewise been lifted and motorists bound in and out of Makati can freely travel without fear of being apprehended by enforcers for a Coding violation.

Mmda Number Coding Suspended Uvvrp October November 2023 Main 00 Min

Photo: Metro Manila Development Authority

Though last week’s lifting of Coding was due to a less desirable reason, today is for more of a celebratory reason. The freedom that we enjoy was paved for us by our National Heroes, and commemorating them properly by way of holidays – and yes, even the easing of some traffic policies like MMDA Coding – will do everyone well.

As always, you should still plan your travels accordingly because later today, we may see a deluge of vehicles coming back into Metro Manila as this long weekend comes to an end.

Drive safely, everyone, and enjoy this Coding-free Monday!

Mikko Juangco
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