Paskotitap Float Parade in Pasig tomorrow, expect very bad traffic 5:00 PM onwards

Has the holiday rush traffic gotten to you yet? The Paskotitap Float Parade is happening this weekend in Pasig, so yes, that might not be such good news as far as traffic jams are concerned. It means road closures and rerouting so do expect clogs around the area, and take the necessary measures to avoid them if you can.

Paskotitap Float Parade will be from 5:00 PM onwards tomorrow, December 17

Paskotitap Float Parade Pasig 2022 Traffic Rerouting Inline 01 Min

Photo: Pasig City

Yes, the festivities are coming into full swing. The Paskotitap Float Parade is an annual event held in Pasig City and tomorrow is its 2022 installment. Various roads will be closed to make way for the parade and as such, the local government has posted its advisory to inform the public of impending (and added) Carmageddon.

Paskotitap Float Parade Pasig 2022 Traffic Rerouting Inline 02 Min

Photo: Pasig City

The parade route will be as follows. It won’t be a fast pace, so it will take time for everyone to clear the abovementioned roads. The buildup is expected along the following roads for its duration:

• C-5 Road (North Bound: from Arcovia to Eagle St.)
• Eagle St.
• Dr. Sixto Antonio Ave.
• Rotonda Junction
• A. Mabini St. (Barangay Kapasigan)
• Plaza Rizal Intersection
• F. Manalo St. (in front of Pasig City Hall)
• Caruncho Ave. (both directions: in front of Pasig City Hall)
Paskotitap Float Parade Pasig 2022 Traffic Rerouting Inline 03 Min

Photo: Pasig City

As for rerouting for those who need to go in, out, and around Pasig City while the Paskotitap Float Parade is happening, you can refer to the open roads in the infographic above. Also, note that the roads will be closed off to public traffic by portion and that Caruncho Avenue (beside the Sports Center and 747 Lumber) will temporarily allow a two-way traffic scheme from Road 2 to F. Manalo.

Consider yourselves warned, people. It’s pretty hard to not go out during this mad rush of the year, but hey, at least we were given a heads-up for this one. Keep your cool, alright?

Mikko Juangco
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