Rejoice! Cats and Dogs will now be allowed in the LRT-2 starting Feb 1

Good news for furparents! The Light Rail Transit 2 (LRT-2) line has just announced something big on its official Facebook page.

Dogs and Cats allowed in LRT-2

The operator of the train line announced that starting tomorrow Dogs and Cats will now be allowed to ride along with their owners on the train. Of course, it comes with a set of rules and responsibilities to be able to avail of this new privilege.

Here is the list of rules:

Lrt 2 Pets Inline 2

Now, the operators are actually being quite strict about the whole thing. The rules clearly state only dogs or cats of smaller sizes are allowed, also they must be placed in a 2ft by 2ft pet carrier or a bag.

Lrt 2 Pets Inline

Moreover, pets must be made to wear diapers and more interestingly owners should have on hand their pet’s vaccination card at all times for inspection. So if you do plan on using the train with your furbaby it would be best to have all the necessary and essential equipment to avoid any hassles.


Pablo Salapantan

Pablo Salapantan

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