For the 3rd straight year, Toyota is World’s best selling car brand in 2022

When you think of Toyota you know immediately that it’s one of the strongest automotive brands in the world. Over the years it has consistently been at the top of global car sales, 2022 marks another milestone for the already successful brand.

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Toyota Number 1 in 2022

The Toyota group of brands (of which there are plenty, including Hino and Daihatsu) totaled nearly 10.5 Million car sales in 2022.

Specifically, 10,483,024 vehicles were sold by the group last year. 9,566,961 units are from Toyota and Lexus, while 766,091 units are from Daihatsu and 149,972 units are from Hino. They also conquered the world as sales outside of Japan reached 8.6 million vehicles. Asia-pacific seemed to be Toyota’s strongest region last year as China took top honors for buying the most from the brand at 1.94 Million vehicles sold in
the PRC.

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Indonesia took second place in Asia-pacific with 330,498, and third place for Thailand with 288,810 (up 13.4 percent). The Philippines ranked fourth with 174,106. Despite only coming in fourth in total sales, the Philippines was the second fastest-growing Asia-Pacific country with a 34.3 percent growth rate.
Could we see another dominant year for the brand in 2023? only time will tell, but this automaker is as energized as ever to keep being at the top.
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