Big PHP 250 Baguio City Congestion Fee eyed to improve traffic in the Summer Capital

Are you willing to pay an extra PHP 250 Congestion Fee just to enter Baguio City? If a proposal from the Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC) is approved, then those going on holiday and even those who reside in the Summer Capital may have to cough up the cash to do just that. Here’s what we know about this proposal.

Congestion Fee aimed to reduce traffic, improve overall mobility in Baguio City

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Photo: Baguio City PIO

In what reports are describing as an “unsolicited proposal”, MPTC put forward the idea of imposing a fee when entering the city. This is being compared to a similar scheme that is being implemented in other foreign cities including Singapore, London, Stockholm, Milan, and New York.

In the case of the Summer Capital of the Philippines, the MPTC’s proposal will be under a “public-private partnership (PPP) scheme” and that it is “part of the proposed Smart Urban Mobility Project aimed to develop the transportation system and services using advanced technologies” as explained by Aileen Refuerzo, Chief of the City Information Office.

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Photo: Baguio City PIO

Aside from the obvious, which is an outright proposed fee of PHP 250, the proposal has made provisions to exempt public utility jeepneys and vehicles driven by senior citizens and persons with disability, uniformed personnel on active duty and emergency response vehicles. Taxis and government vehicles with approved travel orders will get discounts on the approved fee.

Here’s the kicker: residents are not exempted from paying the fee, but they are qualified for rebates.

Refuerzo was reported to have said and explained that “the MPTC proposals aim to solve not only traffic but to improve overall mobility with services such as transport service platform, traffic command center, parking facilities and traffic enforcement”.

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Photo: Baguio City PIO

As can be found on the City’s Public Information Office social media page, “The MPTC proposes a “holistic approach to solving not only traffic but improving overall mobility” specifically the integration of city services to mobility applications; mobility fee or congestion fee charging; transport service platform; smart traffic command center; smart parking facilities; and, traffic enforcement.”

“The corporation envisions a Singapore-like transport system in Baguio where the riding public can monitor road conditions real-time using mobile applications as well as book or reserve parking spaces prior to arrival to lessen the amount of time and petroleum consumed going around looking for possible parking sites.” it further states.

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. This is all but a proposal for now, and despite the outrage that it sparked since its announcement, the reality is that it could be approved. If that happens, what do you think that does for Baguio City? Will a Congestion Fee discourage tourists and mainstays from going up to what is the number 1 vacation spot in the summer? Or will it work as intended, much to the chagrin of motorists, vacationers, and residents alike?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We know this is going to be most interesting.

Mikko Juangco
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