Toyota Debuts GR H2 Racing Concept a hydrogen Le Mans racecar

When you talk about the pinnacle of motorsport racing like Le Mans, apart from the competition the other highlights are the technologies derived from racing. These technologies usually end up in passenger cars somewhere down the line, and Toyota is capitalizing on a new upcoming rule change for Le Mans racing.

Toyota GR H2 Racecar

During the 24 hours of le mans weekend the Japanese automaker decided to debut and preview a slew of concept cars and performance cars for the future. Not only were they highlighting performance, but these were also sustainable fueled vehicles like the GR Prius we wrote about last week.

Toyota Gr H2 Racing Concept (1)

Another interesting car though is the GR H2 Racing Concept, and what makes it even more ground-breaking is the fact that it will be hydrogen-powered. It’s no secret that Toyota has been one of the few brands still pushing hydrogen technology, and what a perfect way to do it while racing the most grueling race on earth. The brand is taking advantage of new rules set to take place during the 2026 running of the 24 hours of Le Mans wherein Hydrogen propelled vehicles will be permitted to race.

Toyota Gr H2 Racing Concept (2)

The Japanese firm said that the propulsion system of the GR H2 will be a mix of hydrogen and hybrid engines, but at the moment that’s the only detail revealed during its showcase.

Should they succeed in winning the race come 2026, we could see a serious contender to EV technology as the fuel of the future.

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