Toyota brings safe and accessible mobility for all with C+walk S

Toyota is all about “Mobility For All”. As the newest addition to the C+walk mobility series, the C+walk S is geared towards the older generation, providing a safe means for moving about and making their travels as easy as possible. Made with the elderly in mind, this new “scooter” can help them get around with their own Toyota.

C+walk S is the newest form of walking-assistance mobility from Toyota

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Photo: Toyota

We do know that the population of Japan is getting older. Surveys showed that approximately 20% of those who are 75 years old and above already have difficulties in walking a distance of 100 meters and more, 10% go out less than those who are under the age of 65, and those who have no driver’s license go out 20% less frequently. Yes, age and access to mobility solutions do hamper their activities.

Following Toyota’s “Mobility For All” mantra, they have come out with the standing form C+walk T, and the small electric-powered C+pod car. For the sake of more ease and comfort, though, they went the traditional “scooter” route and came out with what you see here today, the C+walk S.

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Photo: Toyota

The C+walk S is a three-wheeled mobility vehicle that can travel on sidewalks and allows easy access and the ability to run on various road surfaces and conditions. It shares the form of the C+walk series, which Toyota says “blends in with its surroundings and the city, and travels at typical human walking speeds”. That said, you can set the maximum running speed of the walk S via controls on the handlebar.

It comes in different color options, has a turning radius of 0.95m, has an electromagnetic brake release lever, and comes with its own charger for its lithium-ion battery unit. It is also equipped with obstacle-detecting safety functions that help the rider avoid collisions with objects or pedestrians ahead.

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Photo: Toyota

At the heart of these mobility solutions is the desire to create a better mobility society centered on people. Toyota intends to expand the spheres of activity of its users, support their independence, and bring joy to as many people as possible. By making the “ability” to move around safe, accessible, easy, and affordable, Toyota is already well on its way to reshaping the world as we know it.

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