Changan CS35 Plus registered 21.495km/l on the highway and 15.254km/l in the city; certified by the AAP

If there’s one thing that matters most to car owners nowadays is fuel efficiency, with a current trend of fluctuating oil prices, one automaker sought to prove that it has one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles in the market; the Changan CS35 Plus.


Photo: Changan Philippines

Changan recently launched the CS35 Plus, an updated version of their CS35 crossover. In a recent test conducted by the Automotive Association of the Philippines (AAP), the Changan CS35 Plus registered more than decent figures during the eco run.


The fuel efficiency test was run on both the highway and the city, and the Changan CS35 Plus was full-tanked with Unleaded 95RON Fuel for each run as well. Furthermore, the temperature of the airconditioning system was run at the lowest possible blower setting (still in consideration of occupants’ comfort), and the radio wasn’t used during the entire run.

According to the brand here are the results and what transpired during the runs

“For the highway test route, the New CS35 Plus registered fuel consumption of 21.495 km/L covering a distance of 180.652 kilometers (km) and running at 60-80 kilometers per hour (kph) along NLEX from Balagtas in Bulacan to Tarlac City and back. The odometer reading at the start of the run was at 2,163 km and finished at 2,341 km. When refueled, only 8.408 L were added, coming from a full tank.

New Cs35 Plus Fuel Efficiency

Photo: Changan Philippines

For the urban test route, the New CS35 Plus consumed 15.254 km/L after traveling 86.8 km at 60-80 kph through the key thoroughfares connecting Makati City, Manila, Quezon City, and back with the odometer starting at 2374 km and finishing at 2460 km. At the end of the run, the car was refueled with just 5.69L of gas.

As mentioned earlier the results are more than decent, given that the country has more or less returned to “normal” traffic flow and congestion.

Changan Engine

Photo: Changan Philippines

Changan is quick to point out that the Blue Core Technology present in the powertrain of the Changan CS35 Plus is behind the results. They say that “The optimized internal combustion system reduces fuel consumption by 20% and carbon emissions by 40% without compromising the vehicle’s overall performance.”

So if you’re in the market for a new crossover, the Changan CS35 Plus (based on fuel efficiency alone) might be a worthy choice.

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