Makati to resume normal number coding scheme on March 16

According to the My Makati Facebook page, starting March 16, 2022 they will be reinstating the normal number coding scheme. Under the normal number coding scheme, coding will be implemented from 7am-7pm. Currently, the number coding scheme is still 5pm-8pm.

Coding will be exempted though for vehicles with Senior Citizen Blue card holders as drivers or passengers, and those travelling under official business, and lastly medical emergencies stated in the Makati Traffic Code.

As for other regions of NCR, per our report last week the MMDA is still observing how the traffic flow will change during the Alert Level  1 period, this is before they make a decision to keep the current 5pm-8pm scheme or expand the number coding hours.

Makati however has always operated on its own when it comes to implementing its own number coding scheme.

Pablo Salapantan

Pablo Salapantan

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