Nissan Philippines to debut e-Power technology in the Philippines soon

We all know that the automotive world is now heading towards more sustainable options for mobility, such as EVs and Hybrids. Locally, we may have been slow to adapt, but over the past few years automakers have been bringing in more options for consumers.

The latest brand to do so is Nissan Philippines, they announced that they’ll be launching their e-Power technology soon. e-Power is what Nissan calls their Hybrid technology. e-Power prioritizes the use of electric motors as the main source of power instead of the internal combustion engine.

The announcement was made by current Nissan Philippines President Atsushi Najima. “We are more inspired in strengthening our electrification strategy in the country through bringing the next-generation e-Power technology, a self-charging electric powered motor,” said Najima.

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Photo: Nissan

To give more background, e-Power differentiates itself from a typical hybrid system or purely electric vehicles by using a gasoline engine as a means of extending the range for the electric drivetrain of the vehicle. Through this, drivers will experience the instantaneous torque of an electric motor without the experience of “range anxiety.”

What specific model will Nissan launch? No word yet. However, it may most likely be the Nissan Kicks crossover. The Kicks is the ideal model to launch, given that it’s built in Thailand.

No date has also been given regarding the launch of e-Power and the model that will feature it, though, the Manila International Show (MIAS) is just around the corner and we’d like to think that’s the perfect time and place to do the launch.

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