Duterte tells PUV drivers, protests won’t bring down gas prices

During his taped address to the nation, President Rodrigo Duterte said that no amount of protesting will bring down gas prices.

This is amid the ongoing price increase crisis the country has been dealing with, which has prompted numerous transport groups to voice out their concerns and even led to some transport strikes and protests.

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President Duterte also said that the whole world is dealing with this issue, as the Ukraine-Russia war continues.

“Maski anong protesta ninyo, ‘yan talaga ang presyo ng langis… Baka darating ang araw hirap na tayo kasi ang supply ng oil kulang tapos ang pera natin mawalan ng bisa rin because we are not productive anymore because of the lack of fuel,” Duterte said.

“Whatever protest you make, that’s the price of oil… The time may come when we will have difficulty because the oil supply is limited and our money may lose its value because we are not productive anymore due to the lack of fuel.”

“Kayong mga driver pati everyone, ‘wag kayo maghihinakit na tumataas ang presyo. Lahat sa mundo tinatamaan ngayon,” he continued.

“Drivers and everyone, do not get offended by the rising prices. Every part of the world is affected.”

He also mentioned that even if there would be sufficient oil supply, richer nations might be prioritized because they have the capability to pay.

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