LTFRB carefully working on final provisions for extension of traditional jeepney franchises

The fourth extension that the LTFRB has given to the franchises of traditional jeepneys might also be the last. In a statement, the agency declared that they are now working on providing the final date as to until when the franchises will be valid for the iconic jeepneys to be allowed to travel and ferry passengers.

LTFRB set to announce a deadline for franchise extension validity

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The Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program means to all but drive the dilapidated PUVs off our streets. Steady albeit sparing rollouts of modern PUVs have been taken in in various cities and provinces, but the iconic Filipino jeepneys remain. We cannot deny that some are still roadworthy, but most just are not.

The LTFRB understands the repercussions of an abrupt end to their franchises, hence its handing out extensions four times now. But this may be the last as they are working on its deadline, which they will announce via an official Memorandum Circular. “We will just wait for the final date up to when the extension of their authority to operate will be. This will be part of the new memorandum circular that we will issue very soon,” said Joel Bolano, head of the LTFRB Technical Division.

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During this time, they will be studying surrounding factors and will likewise continue their push for transport groups to get on board the modernization program. With the help of the Office of the Transport Cooperative, proper education and guidance will be given to operators and drivers to understand all that the PUVMP entails for their cooperatives or their own corporation, should they wish to establish one.

“Aside from that, we also have the Project Management Office that is focused on the PUVMP. Its objective is to assist and guide stakeholders for the requirements and processes of consolidation,” Bolano added.

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The LTFRB has maintained, though, that traditional jeepneys will not all be decommissioned. Despite gunning for a 95% modernized PUV “fleet”, some jeepneys can still be retained if they are maintained adequately. Bolano went on to explain that “The objective of the PUVMP is to modernize and change the system in the transport sector, including fleet modernization or upgrading the units”.

As it stands, the final countdown seems to have already begun for the jeepneys and their era. It’s only a matter of time, we suppose before we hear a new tone when the proverbial fat lady sings.

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