Bill filed to mandate dashcams in PUVs, gov’t patrol cars, school/office service

Senator JV Ejercito has recently filed Senate Bill No. 1457 that mandates the installation of a dashboard camera in public utility vehicles (PUV), government-owned patrol cars, school and office service vehicles, and other transport service vehicles.

zumi dashcam • Bill filed to mandate dashcams in PUVs, gov't patrol cars, school/office service

Also known as the “Dash Cam Law“, the Act requires the installation of a dashboard camera or dashcam system in all covered vehicles enumerated under Section 4 of the bill:

(a) Public utility vehicles, including application based transportation service;
(b) Government-owned patrol vehicles and similar vehicles used by any law enforcement agency;
(c) Transport service vehicles such as school and office service vehicles and the like; and
(d) Other similar vehicles offering transport service to the public regardless if offered for a particular class or not.

The dashcam should be placed in an area that will not impair the driver’s view of the road and outside the range of airbag deployment and other safety facilities of the vehicles. The device should be no larger than a 5-inch square area on the driver’s side of the windshield, or a 7-inch square area on the passenger’s side windshield.

Any act or omission causing the violation of duties mandated under this Act shall be punishable by a fine of not exceeding Php50,000 and/or suspension of the franchise. The DOTr and the DILG will be the implementing agencies of the proposed law.

“The installation of dashcam to public utility and selected government vehicles is seen to help curb incidents on roads and deter violation of traffic laws and regulations. It is also seen to improve and serve the interest of passengers who are subjected to the abuse and improper treatment of drivers. The latter shall be likewise protected from unscrupulous law enforcers who abuse their power and resort to extortion,” said Sen. Ejercito in the bill’s explanatory note.


Louie Diangson
  1. Paano kaya i po-process ni Manong driver yung mga video files kapag puno na o kapag kailangan ng i-back-up or i-search? Gagamit kaya siya ng laptop o tablet? Pwede nya rin siguro i-store sa NAS sa kanyang home network, pero dapat ok ang wi-fi nya sa bahay.

  2. Reply Avatar of asartalong motorista
    asartalong motorista May 19, 2017 at 5:06 pm

    But…but…it’s in the line of sight!!!

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