LTO releases specifications for temporary license plates

The LTO has issued a memorandum to their accredited dealers ordering them to use a single design when it comes to manufacturing their temporary license plate numbers for their customers.

Currently, temporary plates sport different designs depending on the dealer, while other vehicle owners purchase custom plates with European or Japanese-inspired designs. With the issued memorandum, it orders all LTO accredited dealers to use the agency’s specifications for temporary license plates “for uniformity and ease of visual recognition.”

lto plate autoindustriya • LTO releases specifications for temporary license plates

The temporary plate must be made of “reflective sturdy material”, uses the “Arial Black” font, and uses the design and layout as specified by the LTO. The conduction sticker number will still be used as the temporary plate’s number.

According to the memorandum, the LTO accredited dealers “shall strictly comply with these specifications and attached the described temporary license plates to motor vehicles prior to their release or delivery to the owners effective 15 February 2017.”

Hit the source link below for the copy of the memorandum.


Louie Diangson
  1. Wow! “Reflective sturdy material” and a format. How can they demand for a format when people need to pay for it ON TOP of their LTO registration. Frustrating. 😐

  2. So, if there is still no OR/CR but already with the LTO, what are the documents needed for the owners to drive freely on roads?

  3. Ok Now I understand why Toyota could not release me my new car yesterday. But with this new system LTO and the Dealers need to come up with a system to allow the dealers to release a new car the day it is purchased. With this new system the dealers are required to put the Motor Vechical number (MV) on the temporary plates they are required to put on (this number was not required in the past). Unfortunately they cant get this MV number until the vechical has been registered with LTO. So the only way I see they can fix this is, when a dealership recieves a vechical. They regester it with LTO under the Dealerships name. This gets them the MV number and OR/CR. Then when a customer buy’s the vechical they already have Temp Plates and OR/CR, The Dealership then processes to LTO to Transfer regestration to the custormer, and they can return in the 7 days or so to pick up the OR/CR that is now in there name. But they were able to take and use the car that is legally regestered while waiting for LTO and dealership to process the paperwork

  4. Trying to cover for the incompetencies of LTO. LTO should be releasing the new plates immediately in the first place. More expenses for the car buyers/car dealers and leads to additional income for tempo license plate makers. The cost of making the tempo license plates might be close to the cost of the real license plates. So why the hassle/additional costs for the tempo license plates. LTO should be working towards meeting their deliverables.

  5. Kung willing na rin sila i-allow ang dealers na gumawa ng temp plate, why not allow the dealers to create the real plate na rin. The dealers obviously have the capacity to do so.

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