2022 Honda Civic Voluntary Safety Recall issued for Electric Power Steering Gearbox

Heads up! Owners of a 2022 year model Honda Civic may want to bring their car in for a voluntary safety recall. The announcement was released by Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. last week and it pertains to the Electric Power Steering Gearbox.

Voluntary safety recall for 2022 Honda Civic, part replacement for free

2022 Honda Civic Front Main recall

In case owners of this generation of Civic noticed an unusual sound when turning the steering wheel, their car may be part of the affected units. The fault has been traced to an improperly installed or manufactured Electric Power Steering Gearbox “worm gear”. This results in the depletion of the grease applied to the gear, which in turn causes stick-slip and the sound mentioned above.

2022 Honda Civic Rear recall

37 authorized Honda dealerships plus 4 service centers nationwide are now prepared to address this problem; they will conduct the replacement of the faulty parts. There have been no accidents reported in connection with this issue, and following Honda’s promise to deliver quality and safety, the fix will be free of charge and the repair time is estimated to take around three and a half hours to finish.

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As we speak, Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) is already reaching out to customers and owners who have purchased the 2022 year model, and should any of these units already be sold to new owners, those buyers will be contacted as well, given the information that the original owners can provide to HCPI.

If you think your car might be affected, simply reference your 17-digit Chassis Number or Vehicle Identification Number and verify via this website link 15.

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