Angkas shares its detailed Riding Curriculum with MMDA Motorcycle Riding Academy for rider education

The MMDA Motorcycle Riding Academy is set to open any time within this quarter, and the Metro Manila Development Authority just got a bit more help. In a bid to promote better rider education, Angkas has collaborated with the agency and shared its riding curriculum for the benefit of those who work in transport services and want to take advantage of the Riding Academy’s lessons as well.

MMDA Motorcycle Riding Academy X Angkas: Safety, efficiency, and “utmost consideration for passengers”

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Photo: Metro Manila Development Authority

Angkas, being one of the leading ride-hailing and transport services in the country, has its own means of educating its motorcyclists. Given that the MMDA is on course to open the Motorcycle Riding Academy in the next few months, it’s pulling out all the stops to provide proper education to all those who may wish to “study” in the Academy. The curriculum that Angkas is using has, in fact, been adopted by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority or TESDA for its own rider training programs.

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“We are excited to join forces with the MMDA Riding Academy in this important endeavor. Our curriculum is a product of years of experience and collaboration with experts in motorcycle safety. By sharing this curriculum, we hope to contribute to the development of a new generation of riders who prioritize safety and professionalism,” said George Royeca, chief executive at Angkas.

The collaboration is seen as a means to empower future riders with the proper knowledge and skill sets required to safely and efficiently navigate roads, and do so with the utmost consideration for passengers.

Angkas Mmda Collaborate Metropolitan Manila Development Authority Riding Academy Inline 01 Min

Photo: Angkas

Along with sharing its curriculum, Angkas is likewise donating motorcycles and helmets, as well as other essential riding equipment in order to play a major role in improved rider training quality and safety education.

Talks between the MMDA and TESDA for the accreditation of the motorcycle riding course are well underway, and ride-hailing firms are also being tapped to give course completers priority employment. Other plans include certificates to be issued to “graduates” of the Academy which be used in obtaining a driver’s license from the LTO.

Thanks, Angkas! We hope this makes for more properly educated and well-mannered riders for all.

Mikko Juangco
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