Bike lanes are strictly for bicycles only; failure to comply will lead to apprehension

We are all aware of the bike lanes that have been delegated for our fellow “padyakers” to use and travel safely along main roads. The reality is, though, that motorists two- and 4-wheelers alike would ride along the bike lanes that render them useless for bikers. In a bid to remind and warn the motoring public of the proper use of lanes, the InterAgency Council for Traffic (IACT), the PCG, and the Quezon City Department of Public Order and Safety cracked down on those using motor vehicles along the bicycle lanes.

Motorcycles, 4-wheelers, trucks, not allowed to traverse along Bike Lanes

Bike Lanes Iact Pcg Qc Dpos Operation Commonwealth Main 00 Min

Photo: IACT

In case it’s been forgotten, the Philippine Bicycle Act has been filed in Congress last year 73. Following the pandemic, the use of bikes as a primary means of transportation has been given enough attention by the government and the public. Quezon City, for example, has approved an exclusive Bike Lane along Commonwealth Avenue to make travel easier and safer for the “padyakers”. Unfortunately, a lot of motor vehicle owners pay no heed to it.

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Photo: IACT

Two days ago, IACT, PCG, and the QC-DPOS sprung to action and conducted an operation. Its goal: apprehend unruly motorcyclists and motor vehicle drivers using and blocking the Bike Lanes. Their method: enforcers themselves used bicycles to ply the bicycle lanes, tail, and apprehend the violators. The headcount: more than 40 motorcycles and 4-wheeled private motor vehicles ticketed for passing through or using the Bike Lanes.

Bike Lanes Iact Pcg Qc Dpos Operation Commonwealth Inline 03 Min

Photo: IACT

Following the operation, law enforcers are again reminding the motoring public to respect and maintain safety along Bike Lanes by allowing bicyclists to use them exclusively. Active Transport has continued getting a very big push from the general populace, and the only thing that hinders anyone from using a bike to get to and from their destination is the concern for health and safety. Smoke belchers are one thing, but to have a motorcycle or worse, a rampaging SUV or bus zip past you in what’s supposed to be a Bike Lane just isn’t right.

So to all of us who use motor vehicles, as we always say, “share the road”. Not everyone has the means to travel in cars or PUVs, and their safety should be as paramount as we hold our own. Sharing is caring, indeed, so be mindful of those lanes, yes?

Mikko Juangco
  1. Reply Avatar of Orlando s. Barrameda
    Orlando s. Barrameda August 23, 2023 at 2:51 pm

    The bicycle law lane is a good law, but the road was not designed to have a bicycle lane, because most road lane in the Philippine is just made for two vihecle to traverse in the same direction. Now the government accommodate the bicycle lane law by marking the half lane of the soppose designated for one four wheel vihecle, so now if totally enforce the law only one vehicle could traverse instead of two, so the law is defective. According to the rule of court, if the law is defective it’s should not be enforce.

  2. this law needs enforcement from sucat hwy to lawton.

    too many jeepnees and scooterjerks using their metal to bully pedestrians and cyclists in the bicycle lane

  3. While we applause the creation of bike lanes since the start of the pandemic, perhaps the concerned authorities should also repaint the affected streets by marking car lanes properly. Take Buendia for instance, like that portion approaching the C-5/ EDSA flyover. The bike lane has reduced the car lanes to one and a half only. Where should a car traverse in this case?

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