Blade Auto Center makes good even better with inauguration of its 50th branch

It’s been 19 years since Blade Auto Center exploded into the Philippine automotive market. Car accessories will always have a high demand, more so for those of good and reputable quality. Since it first opened for business, Blade has offered all those and more, and just yesterday, they reached another milestone with the inauguration of the “golden” branch, brand number 50, along Mindanao Avenue.

19 years have seen the rise of 50 Blade Auto Center branches

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From being a brick-and-mortar shop mainly for car accessories, Blade Auto Center has expanded its product and services lineup to be able to cater to more customers and their needs. The Mindanao Avenue branch results from what Blade founder, President, and CEO Robert Tan learned after having put up 49 branches prior, and how he plans to adapt to the evolving needs of consumers, both casual and enthusiasts alike.

“This is the biggest venture we’ve put up so far. We have service bays, we have a big showroom of products, and this is so we can bring our services closer to our customers. The one-stop shop concept worked especially after opening our Timog branch, and we learned a lot. Those things we learned, we used them to improve the Mindanao Avenue branch,” Tan said.

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In its 19 years of operation, Blade Auto Center has allowed itself to evolve with the times. From a very “basic” accessories store, their 50th branch is a testament to what Tan describes as his and his brand’s commitment to their customers that they will only continue to improve.

From the accessories we’ve come to know being sold by Blade, maintenance essentials are also available for anyone who might need them, and the products come in an extensive brand lineup as well. Even bicycles, bike accessories, motorcycle knick-knacks, pet carriers, and accessories have made their way into Blade’s aisles.

As with the Timog branch, the one-stop-shop convenience concept is carried over into the newest branch of Blade Auto Center. A multitude of car service bays – complete with lifters – are available for basic maintenance and parts installation for customers. “They already buy the parts here, so we make it easy to have them installed right here also. No need to go to the ‘suking talyer’ or shop because we can handle their service and installation needs for them,” Tan also added.

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Photo: Blade

More than looking at the past 19 years and 49 branches – now 50 – Blade Auto Center is looking forward to a bigger future. Blade’s mission to be the go-to shop, a reliable partner, and a symbol of trust and quality remains strong, and the push of its services, employees, and management even more so.

Blade Auto Center believes that their journey with the local automotive consumers and enthusiasts is far from over, and they may very well be correct. As they celebrate the opening of their golden branch, all their faithful customers through the years can rest easy that sooner than later, a Blade branch will open near them, and with more products and even more services for whatever their needs may be. The road has been long and challenging, but if there’s a shop that’s proven sharp enough to cut through adversity and competition, Blade Auto Center has proven that it can do it and that it will keep doing it for more years to come.

Mikko Juangco
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